Monday, 12 December 2011

Where did November go??

Well it’s hard to believe I went the full month of November without a post.  Such is life, it gets very busy sometimes!  Fall is always that way for me.  I hope to have some posts up real soon.  The holidays are right around the corner, which usually means some downtime and some time to check out some new music.  Since I was a young lad Santa has always brought me music for Christmas.  It started with LPs, then cassettes, followed by CDs and the last couple of years it has been itunes gift cards. It is evident now I will forever remain a rocker.  What medium will Santa use to bring me music in 20 years, 10 years or even 5 years…things change so fast!  It’s all good.  Thank you Santa!
If you are a holiday celebrator in the next few weeks I hope you are enjoying it to the fullest.  If you do not recognize the holidays then I hope your life continues to run smoothly and happily.   Cheers to all!!
I should be back sooner and later.  There is always much to discuss in the world of rock!!