CD reviews

I am still calling these CD reviews even though I use itunes just as much.  One thing I still enjoy doing is puschasing a complete album and listening to it from beginning to end.  My “CD reviews” will give you my general thoughts on the recording and discuss some notable or favorite tracks.  I will also put a final letter grade on it just like you probably received in school.  I am a teacher afterall so why change a thing.  Here’s how letter grades work in the Rock Brigade Blog world.  Note that all grades can come with a + or – as well. 

A range. General all round awesomeness.  No filler, put it on and enjoy every track.  Will have some serious staying power on my ipod and/or CD player.

B range:  Very solid recording.  It may contain a limited number of tracks that I will find myself skipping as I play the disc more.  Staying power will still be high.
C range:  Getting on the weaker side although there are still some tracks I like.  Unfortunately there is now more songs that I don’t like. Recordings in the C range usually end up having a  select number of tracks put in a playlist and the rest fades into obsecurity. 
D range:  Does not work for me at all.  Gerenally not finding anyting to hang on to and after a few attempts of listening to the recording it likely seldom gets played again.
F range:  Well truthfully I don’t see myself ever giving an F.  If an artist has enough talent to record an album full of songs that has at least caught my interest enough to make the purchase that alone should count for something.  I suppose if I ever did give an F, the recording would sink below the D level in that not only do the songs not interest me, but they anger or annoy me somehow.

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