Thursday, 14 January 2016

Farewell Gentlemen, Farewell

Not much I can say that has already said about the passing of musical icons over the last short while.  Some musical artists’ passing hits you and resonates with you more than others depending on your own history with them.

As a fan of heavy metal and hard rock you cannot understate the legendary status of Lemmy Kilmister. I will fully admit that Motorhead has dabbled in an out of my playlist over the years.  Every time, every time, it’s been there I have enjoyed it.  But there was something about Lemmy that seemed to speak to every hard rock fan.  And no matter who your personal favorites are, if you have followed them closely at all over the years, you undoubtedly heard them speak fondly of Lemmy and probably listed him as an influence. I found myself for days after news of his death perusing the various tributes and kind words said about him.  I also find it comforting to hear that in addition to his impressive catalog of music, he has always been spoken of as a sincere, kind and gentle soul. The news of his passing is one stuck with me for sure. 

With the dust not even settled from this news the world learned that the icon and legend in every sense of the word, David Bowie, has left us.  Is there any true lover of music and artistic expression that was not a fan of Bowie?  This news, just like the passing of Lemmy, lingered on. I again found myself for days reading the various tributes and words about one of the greatest artists of our time.  Virtually every genre of music has key players who list Bowie as a major influence. Is there anyone else ever who has transcended musical influence across so many styles as Bowie? I really don’t anyone has, and I really don’t think anyone comes close. 

My words here don’t really come close to the many other heartfelt and in depth tributes that have surfaced all over the Internet.  Those who knew them, those who work have worked with them and those who make music can sum up these two lives, work and genius far better than I could even pretend to.  But as one who proclaims to be passionate about music and a very amateur blogger how could I not at least say a few words.  So take time and read some good stories about them and tributes to them, while listening to some of their music.  Because both of these gentlemen will never be replaced.

RIP Bowie and Lemmy

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